Piper Aircraft launches 100/100i training aircraft to new Pilot

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A look at the Piper Pilot 100 from the AOPALive YouTube video. (AOPALive)

Piper Aircraft has launched two new single-engine training aircraft, the Pilot 100 and Pilot 100i amid what the company describes {as a|like a|being a} “ unprecedented demand for professional pilots”.

The Piper 100 and 100i were officially launched at the Sun N’ Fun international fly-in and expo being held at Lakeland in Florida on Tuesday (US time). The company has teased the announcement with a silhouetted aircraft on its website {in the|within the|inside the} days leading up to the unveiling.

A preview of the Piper Pilot 100/100i single-engine training aircraft. (Piper Aircraft)

The two-aircraft family will be powered by Continental Aerospace Technologies’ Prime IO-370-D3A engines and feature Garmin G3X Touch Certified avionics {in a|inside a|within a} standard two-pilot interior configuration, Piper said in a statement. Both are VFR equipped.

The Pilot 100i also has an optional IFR capable package which comprising the Garmin G3X Touch, GFC500 autopilot, the new GNX 375 GPS navigator and ADS-B transponder.

Piper chief executive Simon Caldecott said the company worked with key suppliers to come up with an “ aggressively priced, proven trainer that offers the advanced systems and performance” suitable for flight schools and airline programs of all sizes.

“ We are excited to addthe Pilot 100 series {to our|to the} training product line at {a price point|a price} that provides optimal economics {for all|for all those|for those} operators, ” Caldecott said in a statement.

The Pilot 100 is on sale US$259, 000, {while the|as the|even though the} Pilot 100i is priced at US$285, 000. The aircraft {would be|will be|can be} available “ in limited quantities” from 2020, Piper said.

The Pilot series joins Piper’ s Archer TX, Archer DX, Arrow and Seminole aircraft lineup.

Caldecott said the Prime engine was the ideal powerplant for the Pilot 100 series aircraft given its performance and the support guarantees Continental Aerospace Technologies.

Continental Aerospace Technologies chief executive Rhett Ross said the company was exited {to be|to become|to get} working with Piper on the new Pilot aircraft.

“ We worked with the Piper engineering team {to make sure that|to ensure that|to make certain that} they benefit not only {from an|from your} outstanding value, but also from all the enhancements that we have incorporated in our new engine line, ” Ross said {in a|inside a|within a} statement.

“ This translates into smooth and trouble-free operations for flight academies and schools {to let|to leave} them concentrate on their primary mission: training rather than maintenance. ”

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VIDEO: {A first|An initial|A primary} look at the Piper Pilot 100 aircraft from the AOPALive YouTube channel .

Piper secures order from L3
In other Piper news, the aircraft maker has won an order for “ up to 240″ new aircraft from training company L3 Commercial Aviation.

It was the largest civilian fleet order in company history, Piper said.

Deliveries were {due to|because of|as a result of} begin from April, with L3 to receive 26 airframes – 19 single engine Piper Archers and seven twin-engine Piper Seminoles – in calendar 2019.

The new aircraft {will be based|depends} at L3’ s Airline Academy facilities in Florida US, Ponte de Sor in Portugal and in {the United Kingdom|the uk|britain}.

“ This significant investment in expanding and modernizing our fleet with these brand-new aircraft {will help|can help|may help} us in our aspiration {to provide|to supply|to offer} the highest-quality training while meeting the increasing international demand for new pilots {from our|from your} airline customers, ” Airline Academy vice president Geoff van Klaveren said in a statement.

L3 {was the|was your} nominated training company for Qantas’ s pilot training academy to be based at Toowoomba’ s Wellcamp Airport west of Brisbane.

However , it emerged in early March that L3 had decided not to partner with Qantas on the flight school, {which is|that is|which can be} due to open its doors later in 2019.

The 2018-2037 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook said the aviation industry would need 790, 000 pilots in the next two decades.

Boeing's pilot forecast for 2018-2037. (Boeing)

Boeing’ s pilot forecast for 2018-2037. (Boeing)