Jetstar 787-8 Endures”abnormal engine Behavior” enroute to Osaka: ATSB

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A file image of Jetstar Australia and New Zealand Boeing 787-8 VH-VKJ. (Seth Jaworski)

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) says {it is|it really is|it truly is} helping the Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) investigate a loss of engine power on a Jetstar Boeing 787-8 flying from Cairns to Osaka Kansai.

The incident on board flight JQ15, operated by 787-8 VH-VKJ, occurred on March 29 2019, when the aircraft was approaching Osaka Kansai airport, a statement on the ATSB website said.

The ATSB described {the event|the big event|the wedding} as an “ abnormal engine behaviour occurrence” and a serious incident.

“ At approximately 15, 000 feet during descent into Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan, the flight crew received an engine thrust warning {on the|around the|within the} number 2 engine, which subsequently started to surge, ” the ATSB statement said.

“ The crew then received an engine fail indication on the number 1 engine, without any shift in parameters indicating any engine power loss.

“ That warning was {followed by|accompanied by|then} an engine fail warning {on the|around the|within the} number 2 engine. The number 2 engine auto relight activated and the engine continued to surge during the descent. ”

The ATSB said it had been nominated {as an|being an|as a possible} accredited representative to the JTSB investigation.

A notification of the incident {on the|around the|within the} JSTB website said the aircraft was about 90km (or 49nm) southwest of Osaka Kansai airport and at an altitude of 3, 600m (or 11, 800ft) when {Number 2|Second seed} engine became unstable, followed shortly afterwards by the both engines experiencing a temporary {decrease of|loss of} engine thrust.

Data from flight tracking website Flightaware showed VH-VKJ was still in Osaka {as of|since|by} Thursday morning, April 4 2019, with the JQ16 return flight to Cairns on March 29 cancelled.

Jetstar Australia and New Zealand has 11 787-8s, with VH-VKJ delivered in 2015. The fleet is powered by General Electric GEnx-1B64 engines.

The aircraft are configured with 335 seats in a two-class layout comprising 21 seats in business and 314 in economy.

Jetstar said {in a|inside a|within a} statement on Wednesday both engines continued to operate {at all times|all the time|always} and there was no emergency or priority landing declared.

“ Our pilots received an alert indicating engine fluctuations on approach into Osaka, ” the statement said.

“ During this time both engines continued to operate and our pilots followed procedures, landing the flight normally. ”

“ {We are|We have been|Our company is} working with authorities to investigate {the cause of|the reason for|the main cause of} the fluctuations. ”

Jetstar said passengers booked on the return JQ16 were moved onto alternate flights.

The ATSB said the investigation was expected to be {completed in|designed in} the second quarter of 2020.