The Best Way to Manage Airline Group Exercises

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Pilot recruitment involves group exercises.

In response to your requests, we have just amended our most popular product, the Aviation Interview Success Workbook, {to include|to incorporate|to add} seven pages covering airline group exercises in {much more|a lot more|far more} detail.

Most airlines will present pilot candidates with one or two “ group exercises” during their recruitment assessment day.   So what {are they|could they be|draught beer} and how is a candidate {supposed to|designed to|meant to} navigate them?

That’ s what we {go into|get into|enter into} in detail, but here is a snapshot to get you started in understanding this phase of the pilot and cabin crew assessment.

In current airline recruitment more emphasis has been {placed on|put on|positioned on} candidates’:

  1. Ability to communicate
  2. Self knowledge
  3. The way in which they operate {within a|inside a|in just a} team.

One of the ways the airlines assess your natural style and demeanour, your thinking {and how|and exactly how|and just how} you participate is {via a|using a|with a} group exercise, often {more than one|several|multiple}.

As a pilot or cabin crew {operating in|within|with} a multi-crew environment {you will have to|you will need to|you should} navigate an ever-changing rotation of team members. Some days {you will be|you may be|you will end up} flying with colleagues {you know|you understand|you already know}, other days with colleagues you have never met, {and other|along with other|as well as other} days again pilots or crew who have just started {with the|using the|with all the} airline.

{It is important|It is necessary|It is crucial} for the airline to know {your style|your look|your lifestyle} when interacting within these different professional relationships.   They often have a “ framework” that outlines the variety of attributes and capabilities candidates should exhibit in order to function well {within the|inside the|in the} code of the airline.

You may have heard of {some of those|some of the|some of the people} capabilities such as:

  • Broad Mindset
  • Adaptable
  • Self Management
  • Mature Ego
  • Customer Service Focus

They are more, but those are the most common.

Each airline {will have|may have|could have} a slightly different take on these.

While psychometric testing covers these areas to some extent in the first phase of the airline assessment process, seeing how you act {in real time|instantly} and within real interpersonal relationships has become much more commonplace.

How to manage the group exercise is something we cover during interview coaching in more detail.

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