Airbus lifts Suggested fleet to six aircraft

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Airbus has supported plans to build a sixth BelugaXL, a increase of one aircraft by the five over-size transfer aircraft in the original plans.

The decision to bring an extra BelugaXL to the fleet was made to “ future evidence ” the company’ s internal transportation network and ensure it would be able to accommodate a range of potential future scenarios, Airbus said on April 9.

“ generations from today , we could observe scenarios like further speed increases to our jetliners or may encounter one of the airlifters being grounded, that would cause this ‘ extra’ sixth aircraft a crucial part of our transportation community, ” Airbus mind of the BelugaXL app Bertrand George said in a statement.

Media reports had suggested such a move has been around the cards as recently as February 2019.

Airbus declared in November 2014 plans to build five new “ Beluga” transports to accommodate to the planned production rate raises of its aircraft models.

The aircraft is based on the A330-200 freighter comprising Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines and re-uses that a large number of elements and gear. It’ll be capable of carrying a full set of Airbus A350 wings.

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VIDEO: A closer look at the Airbus BelugaXL out of construction to first flight out of Airbus’ s YouTube station .

The No . 1 BelugaXL was currently being used in compatibility and verification tests, including an initial trip during February carrying a set of A350 XWB wings from Bremen in Germany to Toulouse in France in November 2018, Airbus said.

Meanwhile, a BelugaXL was recently painted at Airbus’ s Toulouse facility.

Currently, Airbus has five BelugaST aircraft, a competent or even conventionally attractive transformed A300-600 twinjet that flies between the airframer’ s sites carrying everything from wings to fuselages and anything one of .

The organization reports before the BelugaST, that is six metres briefer and another metre narrower than the BelugaXL, would be progressively retired into 2025.

An infographic on the Airbus BelugaXL. (Airbus)


Philippe Sabo, the mind of Airbus Transport International, said the company was evaluating two possible scenarios for the future of their BelugaST and a possible second functional life.

“ We can say that businesses have the need for superb transporters, ” Sabo said.

“ Thus selling & we ’ re considering offering clients an outsized transportation service and the Airbus branches ourselves.

“ You could say rsquo we &; re contemplating ‘ releasing the Beluga STs!

Airbus noted the BelugaST could keep on flying for a second 10 to 20 years.

Sabo stated Airbus’ s go to add a sixth BelugaXL had similarities to the BelugaST app, using a fifth aircraft not a part of their original prognosis.

“ The Beluga ST programme moved through a comparable decision-making process, and I {am we wouldn’t have coped with no fifth aircraft — which was added in 2001, ” Sabo said.

The business told investors in its annual general meeting in Amsterdam on April 10 it was targeting between 880-890 aircraft deliveries in calendar 2019.

Further, its A320 program was on track for to reach a monthly creation speed of 60 by mid-2019, together with another goal 63 aircraft per month in 2021.

And the A350 app appeared to be in a ramp up phase with deliveries increasing from 49 aircraft in 2016 to 78 in 2017 and 93 in 2018.