A stout – afraid to bottle it – HELP

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So..brewed my first ever batch…no recipe…most of the rules ignored…

Wanna bottle now but I am afraid to do it and here is why:

What I used and how:

My pot fits 20 L easily
– dark munich malt 3.487 kg (22ebc)
– black malt 0.225 kg (1500ebc)
– roasted barley 0.675 kg (1450ebc)
– chocolate malt 0.113 kg (1175ebc)
—-which gives me 4.5 kg (9.9208 lb) of malt

Yeast : Dry English Ale (WLP007) – 1 pack

Hops: Brewers gold 2015 – 50g at boil, 10g 20 min ’til the end

I used…

A stout – afraid to bottle it – HELP